Wednesday, July 24, 2013


23 July 2013

I think i have been neglecting this blog for more than a year but today out of sudden i have this feeling of writing something here.

Life changed, people changed, behavior, attitude, style, thinking, circle of friends.. everything changed.
Today i'm writing this blog in Sheffield UK, i came here for my degree program, getting BA (hons) Accounting And Finance. Sounds cool huh? hahaha

I have to recall what have been happening in this unblogged-year. Sometime, remembering what happened in the past is not because we're living in the past, but to remember what good and what bad had happened before to make us stronger, to make us not to repeat the same mistake, to remind us not to be silly anymore, to let us know what matters the most and how do we protect it.

Where do i begin from..

First of all, i have completed my Advanced Diploma in May with so so result and then i failed my ACCA professional papers (summary of my studies). I paid for the resit papers but i didn't attend for the exam, i feel super bad for not putting much effort on it because my parents paid for my tuition fees and also for the exam fee but then i don't think being an accountant is what i want. hmm.. yea..

Next, my boyfriend... Mr Richard Pang Weng Hoe <3 nbsp="" p="">

My sun and stars of my life. Many things happened in the previous year. i started working after i finish my Adv Dip then i turned to a very bad person, had been ignoring my love's feeling, arguing a lot because of me and my job and we almost broke up but i am so glad that we are still together now. He is a nice person, he accepts me for who i am for what i am and i have learned alot from him. I can't imagine what he had been thru before i came to Sheffield. It's a biggest nightmare ever for him. 
What i can do now is to pray to my Lord my God to make me a better person and i promise i will be good and i will always love this man, never give up on trying and never give up on putting effort because i don't want to lose the most important person in my life and i want my dream to become true which is to grow old together with this man and to travel around the world with him. 

so.. what do we have here in Sheffield? nothing much... environment, people, weather, classes, tutors/lecturers, the place i'm staying now are all good (done). But i have been going to different places in Uk.

 Sheffield City Centre where the people bring their kids, boyfriend, girlfriend, pets, book and sit on the grass and chill. 

Random picture of the road and the stores. 

Heeley City Farm

 Another picture of the city centre. 

 Sheffield united Stadium

 My room, very clean :) oh i brought ma Teddy bear which ma boyfie bought  me and a comfy toy i named it Teddy #2 because i can't bring my real Teddy boy with me :(

Went to picnic at Norfolk Heritage Park, this is a huge ass park, i got  a bit tired of walking to the peak of the park but the feeling was damn good when you get to sit on the grass, chill with friends, talk cock with friends and get to see the view of the whole city <3 nbsp="" p="">

 Manchester United Stadium where every fans of ManU wishes to go. I wasn't too excited bout this place because I'm not a fans of ManU or should i say i barely watch football game haha oh yahhh.. As they said, this is very rare and we considered lucky to get to see the field without grass. but hellloooo, we always wanted to see a stadium a field with grasssss. 

Manchester Town Hall :) beautiful.. 

 Stonehenge, a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire. Until now i still do not have any ideas what is it for. It was very windy and cold, couldn't tahan at all but i love the grass there, so comfy! 

Then we went to Bath - Royal Crescent

Pulteney Bridge 

Roman Baths - Entrance fee 10Pound
You'll get to try the water but of course not the greenish water they used to bath. 
But trust me, you won't like the taste of it. It's like the taste of blood. *uerkkk*

Cambridge - King's College
It's impossible for me to study here but at least i pay a visit :p
My parents must be very proud of me if i graduated in Cambridge LOL

I actually can't wait to go back to Malaysia because i used to stay with my parents and my Teddy boy and now i need to do everything by myself, it's not like i can't handle things by myself but it's like missing out of something. 
I miss my parents
I miss my love
I miss my Teddy boy
I miss my friends
I miss my colleagues
I miss my room
I miss the foods in Malaysia 

But good thing here is i have met a bunch of cool friends. We do the gossiping, cooking, exercising and etc.. and i also get to know quite alot of friends from church :D 


can see our hair, super windy right...  lol

Okies, time to do my assignment. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Teddy boy

Went to vet with Teddy this morning because he has been shitting watery feces these 2 days and puked once.
should not have given him meat to eat, maybe it caused Teddy to have diarrhea.

he was so scare and didn't want to let go of my hand while mom hugging him (so cute >.< both of his tiny hands hold my hand)

Doc gave him 2 vaccination and some med (antibiotic, med for diarrhea, for fever, for appetite). He doesn't like to take his meal since teeth-changing period, so his weight now only sad about it. Ideal weight is 6-7kg

Moody Teddy Boy :(

Hope he can get well soon <3<3<3

Friday, January 13, 2012


Hola, have not been blogging since the last blog post was on 5th May 2011. Suddenly feel like typing something here and just got my finger nails cut for this. Dilemma, i have no idea what to type but feel like there's goddamn lots of thing to say about, maybe about what i have been doing since i stop blogging or what i bought in year 2011 which caused me to be in fucked up situation now or how i feel a bout myself because i just had a drink with my best friends and we talked about.... what do you guys think about me, did i change a lot, the future, the past, our life... which is kinda fucked up, and etc..

where should i start from? hmmm
College (ya, super boring topic)
I'm now in the last semester of my accounting course
1. suck-iest time table i ever had(going to college everyday except Sunday, class till 9PM!, 6hours break - seriously don't know what to do during the breaks)
2. suck-iest lecturer appointed to us(read the slides for us like we can't read it by ourselves, she can't even understand what herself is teaching but expecting us to understand, cancel class as she likes like our time only reserved for her)
3. hardest subjects ever(fuck myself)..

1. new member joined our family which is Teddy boy (black with super curly hair, funny part is his eyes hardly can be spotted!!!)
i brought him home on 22nd July 2011, thx to my friends who went there with me to bring her back, they helped me to check whether he's in a healthy condition, cute / not, active / not XD
went to Desa Park City with him and he likes outdoor a lot :)
photos of him >>>

2. Sad part
putih putih kena scolded by my sister's new boyfriend and i am still very angry about it. He says like I'm trying to ruin their relationship.. duh~~ i just care for my sis, she knew you thru Facebook(which consist of goddamn lots of pervert and 95% of their friends are girl which added by themselves and see whether there is a chance of knowing the girls, be real friend with the girls and any chance to get the girls to be their girlfriend) ya, disgusting like fuck. If i don't care about my sis, i will give no shit!

3. Parent
super cool and i love them :D

so fast right? we went thru many of things, break up, back together, then break up again, then back together again lol like paying seesaw.
nothing much to say about him, just sometime when i try to tell him something serious he won't listen, ignored me because of skyrim, obsess with Ryan gosling instead of me and etc.

Some of the things i bought in year 2011 and i love them!
1. Macbook Pro

2. heels!!!!!
this is the latest 1 i bought, for CNY!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
i am i shoes freak now, i think i bought 10 pairs of shoes in year 2011, maybe that amount isn't a big amount to some of the girls, but to me, it consider many!

3. Blackberry Bold
changed from black > white > then pink xD so cute! w/ hello kitty wallpaper sumore (fyi, i don't really like hello kitty thingy, i just thing it suite/match w/ my pink housing) lol

youtuber/blogger who i found quite entertaining and interesting
#1 nigahiga !! ya, i know i am super outdated but i managed to watch all of his videos!
#2 suzi ( i learned a lot from her :) she's so cool
#3 chuckei
#4 cheeserland

Going to be 4am and i need to wake up at 6am for 8am class, time to ciao~

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Super random

Okay, nothing much to talk about.
But first of all, my intern program is going to end soon, this coming Friday will be my last day of work.
What a relief :P cos actually i don't feel like working until May since everyone left but i PROMISED.
I hate it when i promised something and i don't feel like doing it. lol

Anyway, i just got myself a Blackberry, berry nice!
I can now connect to twitter anytime and anywhere, but most important is i can BBM with Vito :)
DM me is you want my pin :D
One thing i hate about it is Facebook for BB -.-' it doesn't show new notifications and i can't choose 'Top news' and 'Most recent'
but i like it because it's white!

Oh ya, fuck you TARC... asked us to pay the fee asap before we get informed about our time table.
wtf so efficient when come to fee collection -.-'

Have been working so hard these few weeks
Intern > PC fair > HomeDec fair > College (soon)
Quite hectic, tired and faced diff situation during intern.
1.Get scolded by crazy client which she's actually quite stupid
2.Get scolded by everyday-PMS colleague and seriously, i don't know what is her problem
3.Sesat when going to subang jaya for audit field -.- because wrong add given by client
4.Cheated abit when doing audit work because i don't effing know how to do and no one there for me to ask
5.No other seniors bring me out to client's place because of someone so i have been ignored for the whole intern program, nice 1 -.-'

What a good experience :]
And i feel bad bout it because i didn't get the chance to do audit work for listed company.
i don't mind doing tiny stuff, just let me see the whole picture of how to work on a listed company with axp thing or anything! (-.-') sounds nerd and boring

Can't wait to go back to college!!! i miss my friends! i miss all the fucked up assignment!! (lol i lied)

Ishhhh!!!! Got to sleep now.. have to work tomorrow, my 'RM20+/day' work _|_
buenas noches 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Saturday, 26-Feb-2010
Outing with ex classmates
We planned a month ago for this outing :)
First suggestion was Jogoya then Sky Bar
but then changed to Fullhouse then Luna Bar :) 
Actually not bad because i don't have to use so much of money :)

Let the pict talk

I wish my future house can be decorated like Fullhouse :)
everything is in white


Group pict 

can anyone buys me the hat? lol
it looks nice on me, i know. lmao

Luna bar next

had a good experience on kl roads -.-
got sesat just because missed a turn, then went to dontknowwhere~ lol
thanks to my phony's app - papago , so i can find the way back to raja chulan.
Luna Bar is located at lvl 33 of Pacific Regency Hotel.

ppl, don't get sesat there... you have to turn left once you see Mercedes shop :)

Great view! i can see klcc and kl tower.
and there is a swimming pool right behind of us!
luckily booked a table in the morning otherwise we won't get the perfect sit.

i like the DJ room so much because the light will change colour automatically  :)

360 panorama 
too small here,  have to click it if wanna see it clearly :(

i was the only one look high there..
i look drunk right? nah~ hell no.. XD

staircase design 

Group pict 

There is more picture in fb :)

had alot of fun taking picture and talking cock with them lol
next outing with them is on next week, DELICIOUS!!!!
for 2 of my friends bday celebration :)
cant wait for the delicious foods XD